Can My Dirty Air Conditioner Harm My Pet?

Dirty Air Conditioner Harm My Pet

Dirty Air Conditioner Harm My Pet

People care for their pets as a member of the family and always wonder whether they should leave their air conditioning on when they are not home. Depending on the person’s opinion you will have different answer for this question. However, the question should be based on the health of the pet of whether they are better off with the Cutler Bay air conditioner working or not.

  • Dr. Helen Myers of the ASPCA says that it’s not necessarily the heat that bothers the pets, it’s more the humidity. Dr. Myers continues to say that the heat plus the humidity together prohibit the pet from being able to pant, which is the pets natural system of cooling. Dr. Myers recommends that ceiling fans are left on to have circulating air or air conditioning systems are set to 78 to 80 degrees, which is the preferable temperature for pets.
  • Dr. Kimberly May from the American Veterinary Medicine Association says air conditioning needs are based on the specific pet needs, however agrees some circulation is always needed.
  • However, there is a down side to having air condition always working for pets considering they are always in the home. Since animals senses are heightened to foreign particles. So when pets are constantly exposed to these air pollutants they can get Asthma or Bronchitis just as humans. This is why it is important to make sure the air conditioning system has no pollutants and is maintained properly for the health of the pet as well.

Having air conditioning on all the time for pets is determined by Dr. Myers and seconded by Dr. May, however, the system needs to be working properly. If the system isn’t working properly then the whole purpose of keeping the air conditioner on is defeated because the health of the pet will be at risk.

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